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Sequoia, giants of the forest

They may be the tallest trees in the world. They can produce wood, create jobs, keep rivers clean and hold countless species of forest.

The giant Sequoia is the tree world's largest can reach between 1,500 and 2,000 tons of weight, with heights of 90 meters and live 3,400 years.Its original area is located in 72 scattered groves in the South of the Sierra Nevada (California), introduced in Europe in the year 1853 and trees that exceed the 50 meters have been already used in Britain.

The Sequoia is a conifer that is characterized by its extraordinary size. In fact, is the largest on the planet, by its longevity and the quality of its wood living being. They are trees of greater height of land. 
Two species of sequoias, of different gender, which mainly live in the California wild and are planted in gardens all over the world are known from two centuries ago. These two species exist in the famous Yellowstone Park. They are the Red Redwood (Sequoia Sempervirenes), which reaches 95 meters in height with a foliage color yew, thick durable fibrous bark; and the giant Sequoia (Sequoiadendron Giganteum), which reaches 80 meters of length and 24 metres of perimeter at its base, with a flaky foliage with thick durable fibrous bark. 
Sequoia have a particular way to grow. From a common root, its trunk is subdivided into several trunks that are grown so independent, based one does not need others to live. But in the event that one of them is attacked by a pest or a disease, the SAP of the other trunks acts to save the damaged part.

General information: 

Common name: Sequoia giant.
Scientist Name: Sequoiadendron giganteum.
Family: Taxodiaceas.
Zone of origin: Norteamerica(Nevada California) 
Altitude suitable: 1,500-2,500 meters.
Height: 30-90 meters.
Longevity: more than 600 years.
Climate qualified: Subalpino
Frost Resistance: - 45 ° c to - 15 ° C
Rainfall: 900 - 1,350 mm/year
Wind resistance: Yes
Resistance proximity to the sea: No
Urban pollution Resistance: Yes 
Industrial pollution Resistance:  No
Reproduccion: seed, cuttings, layering and grafting

List of the most voluminous Giant Redwoods:

Other references:

-What is the highest Sequoia in the world?

 It's the Redwood (Sequoia sempervirens), commonly called Redwood of California of los cipreses cupressaceae family. This Sequoia reaches more than 112 m high and 11 m in diameter at its base.

-What is the biggest Sequoia in the world?
The General Sherman. This specimen is considered to be live with greater amount of biomass on Earth with a weight of more than 2000 tons.

-What is the oldest Sequoia in the world? 

It is in the U.S., President, Giant Forest and has an approximate age of... 3013 years!

-What are the most ancient Sequoias in Europe?

The first seeds that arrived in Europe for culture were in 1853 by John ScotsmanD. Matthew. The seeds of this series were widely distributed throughout Europe.


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